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c0On:  Creating music since 1994

Just a few highlights from more than 2 decades of floating around in the music-scene:
- Playing professionally since 2009, when ...joining the liveband of a Belgian pop-idol.
- In 2010, I took my guitar to the Ukraine and played everyday for 10 days in hotelbars, caf├ęs, parks & streets in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov & Odessa. 
- The years that followed; busking a lot & playing acoustic solo-gigs, but also joining several bands on stage as a session-guitarplayer

- Later on, made a few appearances as a drummer or guitarplayer on Belgian's National TV-show 'Tegen De Sterren Op' (a comedic sketch & parody show). 
- I was once hired by the Belgian Beerproducer Jupiler for a beer-commercial, where I appeared as a rocker on the couch, drinking a beer:) 
- I'm also still a part of the instrumental rock-formation King Sigh, nominated for the Cutting Edge Talent of the Year Award in 2011.  Currently recording the next album.

- In 2010, I also began teaching guitar at youthcenter De Klinker in the city of Aarschot, Belgium...


Present day:

Right now, I'm focussing on my album "Gloomy Night Out" & getting a band together.  The recording process is in full pre-production motion... 

The concept of the album is to create an audiovisual experience for the listener/viewer, all based upon the tone of C# in 432Hz (the tone of our planet Earth)

This emotional journey containing personal & universal themes, portrayed in songs & moving images; refers also to the transition of life...  From the dark into the light!

All will be captured as pure as possible with the result ending up on youtube & CD...

Stay tuned!